Agent Showcase

Thurs 7/27,  7pm 

$95 for a single actor

 $125 for 2 actors doing a scene together 


 Top Agent -Due to company policies we can't advertise his name. Email for details. 
Nic de Armendi - JLA
Michael Goldberg -(VP of Talent/Partner) Element Talent Agency
Amy Lord - LB Talent
Annie Marshall - BMG

All performances will be done with only you and your partner in the room with the agents at the time of the read. We will have readers on site for you.

Each Actor will be given a call time upon arrival at the studio. 

Actors can bring their own material (2-3 min scene or 1-2 min monologue), or choose from our scene library. 

After the Showcase

- There will be an after party where you will get a chance to mingle with all the guests.

- This is a rare and amazing opportunity to meet and get to know the guests on a personal level.

*Free Headshot Session Included!

-A good headshot is the most important marketing tool for an actor! That is why all actors will get a credit for a single look headshot session with AAS Headshots.

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Click here to reserve your spot now (Single Actor)$95

Click here to reserve your spot now (2 actors doing a scene) $125

Actors Advantage Showcase

6380 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048


 This is not an audition nor does attending this showcase guarantee representation from the guests. This is an industry networking event that includes a headshot session.

Disclaimer: Showcases/Workshops are NOT job interviews. Disclaimer:Section X (K) 17 The agent shall not receive any fees or remuneration of any kind from any employer, and shall not receive any “kickbacks” or referral fees from any entity providing a service to the artist (including, but not limited to, photographers, coaches, schools, etc.). The agent may not use or authorize the use of the agency name or agent’s or subagent’s name to attract clients for personal management firms or to be advertised in conjunction with other groups or schools, nor may the agent advertise through newspapers, magazines or mailings to the general public seeking clients for representation, registration or other forms of representation involving the payment of any fees directly or indirectly. However, nothing herein shall be deemed to prohibit an agent from speaking or teaching at a bona fide educational institution provided, however, that in no event shall artists be asked to pay for an audition or interview opportunity. If a franchised agent’s name is used in promoting such event, the advertisements for such event and/or the application for enrollment shall indicate the following in readily readable type: “This seminar or class is for educational purposes only and will not secure or provide opportunity for employment in the field or representation by an agent.”. Actors Advantage workshops strictly for educational purposes.
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